Sawdust Applications – Popular Common Uses

Sawdust (once a timber by-product only destined for landfill) is now used extensively by Dairy Farmers, Sheep Farmers, Chicken Farms, Piggeries, Horse Stables and Wholesale Nurseries.  


Dog in Sawdust

The sawdust used today is not the “sweepings off the floor”.  Sawmills produce Sawdust as a clean and safe product using different types of untreated plantation timber.

Types of Sawdust Applications

Sawdust is very popular and economical for use as animal bedding for horses and pigs.   The sawdust will absorb any urine and clump the waste matter (muck heap) so it can easily be separated from the bedding.



Most Popular Applications and Uses for Sawdust

Animal Bedding


Pig on Sawdust










Animal Nursery Bedding

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Horse Bedding

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Garden Mulch

Blender for Potting Mix

Absorbing Oil Spills

Benefits Offered by Using Sawdust

  • Sawdust is organic and biodegradable






Sawdust and Post Peelings are available for delivery in bulk 90m3 (semi)  loads in the Limestone Coast, South Australia and Western Victoria areas.

Our fleet of trucks and modern unloading walking floor trailers offer a safe, accredited delivery service for our Customers.

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