prevent lameness in your horses

Help Prevent Lameness in your Horses – video

Some Simple Tips to Prevent Lameness and Abscesses in your Horses

Thanks to Kelly from Expert Village for her tips and techniques she uses for basic horse care which can help prevent lameness and abscesses in your horses. 


With a Simple Daily Routine Prevent Lameness and Abscesses in Your Horses

Transcript from the Video “Several Tips for Basic Horse Care”

To ensure a healthy horse, make sure that your stall is cleaned on a daily basis.

Horse manure and urine can harbor a lot of parasites and a lot of bacteria which can harm your horse if it builds up too much in the stall.

So you definitely want to make sure you are getting in there with a pitch fork and you’re picking out all the manure on a daily basis and you are digging out any urine spots.

If you’re not keeping your stall clean it can lead to a lot of foot problems in your horse your horse can get thrush.  

Also you can get a lot of manure and urine packed up in the hoof which can lead to abscesses.

So that’s something that you really want to do on a daily basis to ensure healthy feet in your horse to ensure your horse isn’t ingesting or being attacked by any parasites or any bacteria.

It leads to overall cleanliness. If you horse lays down a lot and lays in a lot of manure or a lot of urine it can get a lot of sores so stall cleaning on a daily basis is definitely important to overall horse health.


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