Neglected Cows Forced to Live in Shocking Conditions

This is truly a shocking video of neglected cows being forced to sleep and eat in their own mess. No bedding no straw.

Neglected Cows Video – Transcript

“In this eye-witness footage, cows whose sensitive noses can smell odors up to six miles away are made to trudge through deep manure.

The cows cannot escape swarms of flies.

The cows must stand in their own waste whilst eating or trying to rest.

The diary factory’s manure was not cleared out for so long that it hardened.

Manure coats the animals legs and splashes onto their udders moments before they are milked.

Here you see the untreated overgrown right hoof of a cow identified only as 2 by a tag on her ear.

A thick layer of manure is caked on her legs.

Here she hobbles out of the milking parlour putting weight on her overgrown hoof caused her severe pain.

This is also cow 2 as she stands in the milking parlour, her bones protrude sharply and she is emaciated.

Producing milk requires cows to expend a tremendous amount of energy.

Cows that do not have proper nutrition and care can quickly become emaciated.

This is cow 188 who is little more than a skeleton.

Here cow 6 bleeds from the nose attracting more flies.

At night cows have no grass, straw or bedding to lay down on to get out of their manure and they can’t rest because flies keep biting them.

If you do not wish to support the Dairy Industry’s cruelty to cows please go vegan for their sake.”

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