Photo Gallery – Pictorial of Uses for Timber By-Products

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  • glenara-wood-shavings-sawdust
    Sawdust Piles
  • Happy-Cows
    Happy Cows
  • dairy laneway
    Dairy Laneway
  • Wood chips in Calf Pens
    Calf Pens
  • Wood-Chips-on -roadside
    Wood Chips on Road Side
  • Wood Chips on footpath Plantings
    Roadside Verges
  • calves-in-pens
    Calving Pens
  • Wood-Chips-and-Timber-for-parks
    Wood Chips and Timber
  • Tree Logs cut and ready for processing
    Tree Logs
  • Timber Log Parts Cross-section
    Timber Log Cross-section
  • Wood-Chipped-Playground-area-for-older-children
  • Wood Chips Playground
    Children's Park
  • radiata-pine-wood-chips-for-calving-pens
    Radiata Pine Chips
  • undercover-large-calving-pens
    Calving Pens
  • chicks-on-sawdust-floor
    Chicks on Sawdust
  • muddy-calf-legs
    Muddy Calf Legs


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Our Pictorial Photo Gallery – a guide to using timber by-products

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