Product Details Pine Wood Chips & Pine Sawdust

pine wood chips

Product Details Pine Wood Chips

Price on Application /Per Cubic Metre

Pine Wood Chips in Stock

  • Bulk Delivery available
  • Natural Wood Chips
  • Coloured Pine Wood Chips
  • Organic & Biodegradable

pine sawdust

Product Details Pine Sawdust

Price on Application / Per Cubic Metre

Pine Sawdust in Stock

  • Bulk Delivery available
  • Pine Sawdust
  • Kiln dried
  • Chemical Free

Product Details - Timber Sources

All timber used for producing pine sawdust is sourced from Australian Sawmills.  

We select the closest available source to reduce carbon emissions and deliver the product to you with the least kilometres – we are a sustainable company utilising residues produced by Approved Forestry Plantation Timber.  

We maintain a strict quality control procedure to ensure a consistent product is delivered to our customers.

All products are free from any contamination – pure natural wood fibre.


Product details Pine Sawdust

Pig on Pine Sawdust









Our Sawdust is kiln/oven dried ready-to-use upon delivery.

Sawdust will absorb liquids and spillages rapidly.

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