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Using Wood Chip Mulch in Council Gardens

Local Council Gardeners have been using wood chip mulch successfully in their garden management systems for many years.

By utilizing mulch and wood chip mulch,  Garden curators have been able to achieve wonderful results with large scale plantings.

Using Wood Chip Mulch – Examples from the Botanical Gardens Portland, Victoria

From Roses, Palm trees, Bulbs, common flowering plants and shrubs to the more exotic plants and flowers are all grown using wood chip mulch.  

The mulch is applied in a thick layer, which helps retain moisture in the soil.  It also keeps the soil warm in cold conditions and retards the growth of weeds.  For the odd weeds that may appear, using wood chip mulch makes it very easy to remove them, as the roots of the weeds don’t get a chance to reach the soil.

The red Rose bed below has produced some wonderful blooms.









The Christmas Lilies (Liliums) below with trumpet-shaped blooms are thriving in beds using wood chip mulch, together with other plants and shrubs.


Using wood chip mulch is also an excellent medium for growing vegetables. Check out the Community Garden Project’s test gardens video.

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