Wood Chips for Mulch

Wood Chip Mulch Reduces Water Usage | Saves Money

Benefits of Using Wood Chip Mulch

The video below shows real results achieved by a Community Garden Project using wood chip mulch.


See how well plants grow in wood chips – the example they use is Dinosaur Kale. Amazing difference between two garden beds.

The Wood Chip Mulch video discusses some of the following points:

Using wood chips provides more food in a smaller amount of space.

Unimproved clay soil can be transformed with wood chips.

Wood chips for erosion control

Build your soil up over time with wood chips

Rock dust helps to break down the wood chips

Wood chips for pathways – using a cardboard base cover and wood chips

Wood chip mulch reduces water bills

Increase soil fertility using wood chip mulch

Adding mushroom spores and rock dust to wood chips helps to break down the wood chips.

It takes 3 years for wood chips to begin to break down.

Starting out with wood chips – don’t mix the wood chips in with your soil – just leave them on top around the plants as mulch

Growing kale in wood chips

Rock dust micelian mushroom spores to break down the wood chips

Why use wood chips?

Drought problems


Wood chips rot and produce excellent fertile soil

Increase the rate of decomposition with mushroom spores

Use a lot of compost, rock dust and volcanic trace minerals with wood chips to speed up the process of decomposition


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